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Fashion show(English)


It is important about Kimono dress



Dress making and clothing manufacture because there is usually a lot of different parts.

We have specialist staff worked on the designer wedding dress for many years.

We use a lot of technical materials.












Please consult the small things, such as Kimono Select.

We are the most important patterns of kimono To give the image of the finished dress, we draw a design. 

A kimono dress thing, so we think difficult to imagine, we draw sketches to convince many times before. 

We will drafting, one Kimono to match. Kimono is not the same thing as two, and we creates each one a pattern to match the kimono.



We are the most important characteristic of a kimono. 

We will produce a balance between thinking patterns and silhouettes.


We are the most important characteristic of a kimono.

Our dress has many places to sew by hand. 



We also consider it important at the beauty of moving.




When the dress is not the only upright. Walking and sitting, it is important we work in a natural way I can think any situation.




We also help after making a dress.

We want to use it long cherish forever, even after we made the dress, try to care.